Young Women’s Empowerment Program



Young Women’s Empowerment Program

What we hope for you:

  • To believe in your self-worth.
  • To validate yourself
  • To hold your space
  • To honor your own power
  • To honor your own voice
  • To honor and own your innate abilities of clear seeing, clear hearing, clear feeling and clear knowing
  • To speak your truth to both peers and those who hold power
  • To develop and support a positive self-image.
  • To claim your gifts, talents and strengths with self-confidence
  • To understand, honor and care for your changing body
  • To have good friends and to be a good friend
  • To live in a space of community, support and encouragement

The Program Details

Led by Christine Agro

The Program Outline

The Young Women’s Empowerment Program focuses on helping girls 12-15 to understand how the world pushes a stereotype of women and women relationships and demonstrates that there are empowering ways for us to see ourselves and the women in our lives.

We will work both experientially and through presentations to give girls tools, awareness and a different positive perspective on being a woman. We look at stereotypes in media and how these help to foster a sense of division and very importantly we work on understanding the difference between external validation and the empowerment that comes when we are self-validated.

In our experiential work, we explore the energies of competition, judgement and jealousy from the personal point of view: what do these energies mean to me, where do they show up in my life and I introduce ways for young women to shift those energies and empower themselves through simple meditations and energy exercises.

We focus a great deal on self-validation, learning that true power comes when we are certain and complete in our own sense of self. Here again we work experientially through proven (20 years) energy work and meditation techniques that offer young women live long tools that will help them create real and positive change in their lives.

Tentative Program Outline – the pilot program is designed with flexibility so that we can create a program that meets the needs of young women in today’s world.

Class 1: Get Connected

In Class 1 we explores our connection and awareness to our own bodies. Doing simple exercises we look at the difference between being connected/grounded to the Earth and being disconnected.

Class 2 and 3: Where Does Your Sense of Self Come From?

In Classes 2 and 3 we look at media – print, television, literature, movies, entertainment – to see what messages are being sent and how these can create false expectation and realities. We talk about the difference between external and self validation and begin the experiential process of learning to validate ourselves.

Class 4: Align

In Class 4 we explore the energetics of being in alignment, of quieting the mind and the ego and emotions and learning to let our Spirit lead us.

Class 5: Compare and Beware

In Class 5 explore the energy of judgement. Using experiential tools we look at what is at the root of judgement energy and also look at how the notion of judgement between women and girls is reinforced through various forms of media. We will explore the energies of judgement in terms of how do they make us feel and why and then explore energetic tools that combat those feelings.

Class 6: Divide and Conquer

In Class 6 we look at the energy of competition and looking to Nature, introduce the universal notion of ‘enough.’  We will discuss the energies behind competition which include fear, lack, limit and a need for validation. Energetically we will continue to reinforce our ability to self-validate.