Thinning of the Veil: When Grandmothers Come

horse-623536_640This is the time of year that the veil between our world and the spirit world thins.

I hear the toilet seat go up and down on its own, smell cigarette smoke in the house though no one here smokes, and hear footsteps on the stairs.

The thinning is why we have ghosts story about this time of the year. The veil thins and this world and that, collide.

I’ve looked at ‘ghosts’ many times and what I see is interesting. In most cases it is as though they are going about their lives in another time and place parallel to our own lives. I believe that they are living in their world as they knew it. Walking the halls, cooking in the kitchen, using the bathroom.  They are not here to scare us, they are simply going about their days parallel to us and because the veil is thin we pick up on parts of it as I’m sure they pick up on parts of our day-to-day goings on through a smell, a sound, a glimmer.

During this thinning though it is also when loved ones who have passed stop by to check in.  This year not only has my father been visiting but so have both my maternal and paternal grandmothers.

These two women are equally dynamic, powerful and amazing in their own right. My maternal grandmother, Gertrude, gave me permission to have my clairvoyance, prescience and precognition. Where everyone else in the family found it ‘weird’ and ‘freaky,’ she would share stories with me of her own prophetic visions, her connection to her intuition which she never doubted and her power to self-heal.  In the 70s she was self educated on everything from the purity (or lack there of) of tap water, the chemicals in processed foods and the problems wheat caused in her own body. When she developed Glaucoma, through prayer and self-care she healed it.

My paternal grandmother, Mamie, was an equally admirable woman, although I don’t really remember her all that much. My dad was the eleventh child of fourteen and by the time we were old enough to really know my grandmother she was already sick. She passed when I was seven or eight. Mamie came from Italy through Ellis Island and she brought with her a connection to the earth and a host of knowledge about natural treatments. My dad told me that the town members would often come to her for help. One of my favorite stories about her is that, although they had very little and had many mouths to feed, she would never turn anyone away who asked for food. She would invite them in to eat. During the depression the big Oak tree outside their house had a large white X on it. A symbol from one traveler to another that this is where you could stop for a meal.

Both of my grandmothers influence the way I meet the world. One very directly and the other, through the blood that runs through me and as I travel this path of planting The Church of Nature, I can feel that both have come to stand behind me and support me.

I’m often asked ‘how I see.’ In this case, it’s similar to when you close your eyes and call up someone that you love. You can ‘see’ them, although it isn’t the same as the way you see when your eyes are open. In this case, when the veil thins, I don’t have to close my eyes, they are just simply with me in that same sort of ‘seeing’ way, always right in front of my eyes.

Too often when people have these experiences they will push them away out of fear. If you have a similar experience, I encourage you to take a breath and invite whomever it is to visit. Stop and quiet yourself and see what they have to share. What they have for you may not come to you as words, it may come as a feeling or a sense, but do let your loved ones in. This is a special time of year to open up and connect more deeply, to remember our lineage and to draw strength, insight and wisdom from those who have come before.



Thinning of The Veil - When Grandmothers Come
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Thinning of The Veil - When Grandmothers Come
Christine shares her experience during this magical and powerful time of year.
Christine Agro
Founder of The Church of Nature and High PriestessThe Church of Nature
Rev. Christine Agro is the founder and High Priestess of The Church of Nature. She is passionate about helping people connect with their own source of Self through the beautiful, loving and powerful reflection of Nature. Christine leads Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service every Sunday. You can join the Service at She also hosts Nature Speaks and The Songs of Plants and Trees at Nature's Channel as well.