The Nature of Being: The Mountain and The Sky



Is that the Mountain
playing at being the sky?
One fears not the other.

It is always so amazing to look out  in the distance and see the Mountain and the Sky playing with each other. Sometimes the Sky plays at being the Mountain and sometimes the Mountain plays at being the Sky. Have you ever seen it?

The ease with which they move from perception of solid to ethereal and back offers us a beautiful reflection on the nature of being.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do a reading for clients whose dog recently passed. I’ve been communicating with their dog for over 10 years, almost her entire life. The first time I worked with her it was to explain the nature of air travel, as she was whining and crying when she flew with her people. After explaining the noise, and the vibration and the entire experience, she relaxed. 

She transitioned recently and yesterday’s session was to check in and see how she was doing and to provide a space of closure for her people.  She showed me her transition, the moments leading up to it, the moment of it and the moments immediately following.  This was not the first time I’ve seen our life transition through the eyes of an animal. It is always slightly different, yet always the same energy of peace and lightness and great expansion.

What she showed me yesterday was the light of being birthed. So although it is the death of this existence, it is the birth of a new existence.

It reminded me of what I see when the Mountain plays at being the Sky and the Sky plays at being the Mountain. There is that fluid movement from one reality to another, done with grace and ease and without any fear.

So many times in our life we approach transitions with fear – whether it’s a move or the changing of a job or the ending of a relationship or the ending of a life. What would happen if we didn’t? What would happen if we were more like the Sky and the Mountain and instead we flowed from one reality to the next, knowing that our existence is transmutable, that we can be solid and we can also be fluid and that both are good and neither are permanent?

Spend some time reflecting on the play of the Mountain and the Sky. How can you incorporate that energy into your own life? What can you release in order to find more movement and flow and less control and fear?

~ Christine





The Nature of Being: The Mountain and The Sky
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The Nature of Being: The Mountain and The Sky
Christine shares her joy of seeing the Mountains and the Sky play at being each other - where one melds into the other and reflects on how this relates to our own state of being.
Christine Agro
Founder of The Church of Nature and High PriestessThe Church of Nature
Rev. Christine Agro is the founder and High Priestess of The Church of Nature. She is passionate about helping people connect with their own source of Self through the beautiful, loving and powerful reflection of Nature. Christine leads Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service every Sunday. You can join the Service at She also hosts Nature Speaks and The Songs of Plants and Trees at Nature's Channel as well.