The Church of Nature – Doctrine, Creed and Mission

The Church of Nature does not attach itself to any religion, nor does it deny any religion. Members of The Church of Nature may believe whatever they choose to believe; but they may not force those beliefs on other members of The Church of Nature. To do so would be out of alignment with the mission and teaching of The Church of Nature.


Honor the Self
Honor Each Other
Honor Nature
Live with an open hand and an open heart
Focus on the healing, learning and growth of the Self
Be guided by the Divine Wisdom of Nature


We believe that Nature is a Divine source of Wisdom.
We believe that the path each individual takes to living as Spirit is unique.
We believe that through the guidance and wisdom of Nature, we can obtain Spiritual Enlightenment
We believe in Nature’s Divine power to heal.
We acknowledge that we are not separate from Nature but rather that we ARE Nature.
We believe that Nature is Spirit and that through a deeper, more conscious connection with Nature, we can open up to our own true        Spiritual being and that we too can live as Spirt.
We strive to live and honor the Divine Laws of Nature.


The Church of Nature draws on the Wisdom of Nature to support the healing and Spiritual growth of the Self.  The Church of Nature’s mission is fulfilled by helping members to deepen their own spiritual awareness by sharing the Wisdom of Nature and by helping members to attune to the healing vibrations of Nature; physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally.