Wishing For Spring

Wishing For Spring

10922322_10205274753562234_5553530783190490905_oIt was -11 degrees this morning and that was without the wind chill. When I walked outside and took a breath through my nose it stuck together.

This has been a particularly cold and snowy winter for many. I am grateful we have heat and a roof over our heads and that we can support the animals that show up on our doorstep looking for the same.

All that snow has left mounds of snow that in many areas top 8 and 9 feet. Driving is especially fun as I find myself inching forward at cross roads in an effort to see if there is on-coming traffic.

I hear so many people complaining about the Winter, and wishing for warmer weather. But I know, as soon as the weather changes the same people will be complaining about the rain that Spring brings or the unbearable heat that comes with Summer.

Lao Tsu said, ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’

When we are not happy with where we are, when we try to rush the next step, it creates all sorts of friction in our day-to-day experience and stops the flow of our own lives. Read more