Celebrating The Summer Solstice

Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Reflection 6/19/2016 (Listen to the full Sunday Service below)

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year and many will be celebrating the Summer Solstice.

At The Church of Nature, our focus is always on further evolving our own spirituality and our own conscious awareness. We see Nature as a pure example of life lived as Spirit, life lived in alignment and we look to moments in Nature to deepen our understanding of who we are.

Over the ages, many have worshiped the Sun. Its movement through the sky sparked the creation of many stories and myths about why and to where it traveled each day and questioned whether it would return. When it did, it was cause for celebration.

There were those who also feared and revered the Sun, seeing it as both the giver (through plant growth) and taker (through periods of drought and intense heat) of life.

Today we understand that the Sun is a bright star that provides us with a source of light and warmth. Its presence enables our planet to exist as it does. The mystery of who or what the Sun is no longer haunts or taunts us.

In this light, how do we or should we celebrate the Solstice? 

If your own focus is on the evolution of your own consciousness and living life in alignment with your own Spirit, then we can reflect on the Sun and this longest day in a few meaningful ways.

The Sun is the source of light and warmth for the earth. In each of us, our Soul is our own unique source of light and our nourishment. When we reflect on the Sun in Nature we see that it shines brightly, when night falls, it doesn’t disappear, nor is it extinguished, it simply can’t be seen in certain parts of the world.

Our soul is always shining within us, but how much do we let our own light be seen. Like the Sun, it is never extinguished, but at times it is overshadowed by the energies we align with – fear, doubt, worry and the belief that we are not enough. These are all foreign to the light of our Soul, the true and only voice we should allow in our heads. Anything else is an outside voice. It is a voice from someone or something that encouraged us to be less, to dim down our light.

Some may have been concerned that our light would bring us trouble, or for others our light showed where there own light was suppressed and the pain this caused was too much, so the only option was to stop our light from shining. But regardless of what the reason, the outcome was that you let your light be dimmed down, in a state of unconsciousness, your light dimmed.

You have the opportunity each and every day to choose to let your own light shine brightly and fully. Whose voice will you listen to? What do you choose?

At the summer Solstice we can take this time to reflect on the power of the Sun to burn of the haze. When we live in alignment with our own Spirit, it is our own Soul that can help us burn off the layers of unconsciousness. Our own Soul holds the memory of who we are as Spirit, it holds the passion and purpose of our being. When we connect with the light of who we are and we hold it and see it and live it, we shine and we grow.

We can also reflect on the movement of the Sun and the knowledge that no matter its position in the sky, it never stops burning brightly. We may not see it, but we know that even at night, the Sun is still burning brightly.  Our own Soul is always burning, it is always a guiding light for our own journey. Any darkness comes when we are not in alignment with our own Spirit. It comes when we forget that what matters is who we truly are and the reasons we chose to experience this life time.

Take sometime during this Summer Solstice to connect with your own inner light. Let it burn brightly. Let it burn off the haze that keeps you disconnected, that whispers words of fear and self-doubt and let your own light expand so that you can live in the constant warmth and support of your Soul’s true light.

Recognize that you have within you your own Sun burning brightly. Align with it and let your light emanate from within.

Rev. Christine

Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service is offered every Sunday at 9AM ET live on Nature’s Channel It is an eco-spiritual celebration of the Self through the reflection of Nature. We hope you will join us. You can listen to the archives of today’s Service and all services at Nature’s Channel.

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 Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Celebrating The Summer Solstice



Celebrating The Solstice: Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service
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Celebrating The Solstice: Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service
The Church of Nature honors the Self through the reflection of Nature. Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice by reflecting on our own inner light.
The Church of Nature
Christine Agro
Founder of The Church of Nature and High PriestessThe Church of Nature
Rev. Christine Agro is the founder and High Priestess of The Church of Nature. She is passionate about helping people connect with their own source of Self through the beautiful, loving and powerful reflection of Nature. Christine leads Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service every Sunday. You can join the Service at www.natureschannel.fm. She also hosts Nature Speaks and The Songs of Plants and Trees at Nature's Channel as well.