Peach Tree Story: A Reminder of The Cycle of Life


This is a blossom from our neighbors’ Peach tree. It was the only tree that grew in their backyard. The tree was near to our fence. I wish I had a picture of its location, but its branches reached out enough that I was able to take this photo from our side of the fence.

Each Spring the Peach tree would display these beautiful blossoms. I made several mandalas from them and shared their messages. I especially like this one which when first shared spoke to me about magic and transformation and butterflies (see the butterflies?)  Its message was about transformation; that things are always shifting and growing and changing and becoming; that there is no real end of life, just change. It was a lovely message, but as events unfolded, it became a very powerful and prophetic message.

Peach Tree Blossom Mandala #3

Peach Tree Blossom Mandala #3 (c) 2013 Christine Agro

Two years ago, our neighbors brought a beautiful yellow lab dog into their home. She is funny and full of life, but also likes to eat everything. I don’t know if that’s actually a characteristic trait, or maybe just a condition of being a dog? As the the dog’s first Spring arrived, the Peach tree blossomed gloriously. The photos that I made this mandala from came from this gorgeous display of beauty. I was in love with this tree. It had a quiet beauty about it, standing gently on its own.

By Summer the tree had produced its peaches and the dog discovered that these were good to eat. Only thing, without hands to cut or break apart, or the patience to chew and spit out the pit, the dog took to eating the peaches whole.  All sorts of gastric problems ensued and our neighbors’ daughter came out to pick up the peaches from the ground so that the dog could no longer eat them. As she did, she stood up and banged her head so hard on one of the branches that she got a concussion. Her dad, frustrated and annoyed, took out a hacksaw and cut the tree down, right to ground, leaving no visible sign that it had ever been there.

I’ll admit, I was sad. Sad for the frustration our neighbor was feeling, for his daughter and her head and the dog with the upset stomach. But mostly I was sad that a tree with such a beautiful message had been part of such a turn of events and was now gone.

Skip forward to this past Spring. My husband came running inside and said ‘you’ll never guess what’s growing in our yard, a Peach tree!’  Sure enough, just on our side of the fence, most likely a productive squirrel buried a pit and the Peach tree began a new.

After receiving it’s beautiful spring message, I found this interesting on so many levels. It wasn’t wanted in that yard, so it moved to one where it is safe. I think it’s funny that it’s just on the other side of the fence. Although I felt sad for it and for the loss of it, had I really paid attention to its message, it was telling me ‘don’t worry, I’ll be back.’

How often do we fight change, transition and even transformation? IIMAG0978 know I have at times and I know that feeling of wondering if things will ever be right, or if what you think you need will ever show up. But the Peach tree and its story reminds us of the cycle of life and remember that cycle is not just about the grandest cycle from life to death to life; the cycle of life is present in every moment of creation; be it an idea, a project, a business, a relationship and of course, a life.

Turn to this story for guidance, insight and inspiration.

Life is constantly flowing and moving, shifting and changing.

We are constantly flowing and moving, shifting and changing.



Peach tree in our yard, Fall 2014
It’s a little hard to see, but it’s braced by the wood.
Apparently a Peach tree can grow up to
20 FT in four years. It grew about 4ft its first year.




Peach Tree Story: A Reminder of The Cycle of Life
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Peach Tree Story: A Reminder of The Cycle of Life
Christine Agro shares a sweet story about a Peach tree and its gentle yet poignant reminder of the cycle of life. This is a truly uplifting and motivating read!
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