Botanical Minister

BotanicalMinsiterThis an intensive program that takes you deep into the practice of healing with plants.

In this program you will:

  • Explore Herbal Medicine
  • Explore Flower Essences
  • Explore Essential Oils
  • and lightly explore Homeopathy
  • Open up, work with and explore your own higher senses, with a primary focus on Clairvoyance.

You will receive the title of Botanical Minister upon completion of the program.

The nature of this program is to take you deep into the energy of each plant in a 108 plant Western Herbal Materia Medica. The Materia Medica is your plant toolbox. As you connect deeply with each plant you will gain the most powerful connection with and understanding of a plant’s healing abilities and this will make you a strong facilitator in supporting the healing of others. You will learn how to ‘see’ the way in which each plants interacts within the whole being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic  bodies plus the chakra system, giving you a deep and rich holistic approach to health and wellness.

Understanding the personality, properties and power of each plant as well as truly knowing them through powerful energetic connection will give you the ability to tap into their Divine knowledge and wisdom for healing and guidance.

This is a  3 year program taught primarily via tele-conference. We will have a number of in person weekends. These weekends will expand and deepen your knowledge, but if you cannot attend them, we will find a way to share the information (either via conferencing or recording.)

If you are interested in this program, please contact Christine to set up an initial conversation so that we can discuss your priorities and your goals.

Please note, this program is currently not ‘accredited’ by any organization. If this is important to you, then you should look for a different program.

Combine both the Minister and Botanical Minister Programs for a deep understanding of Spirituality, Nature and plant medicine.