Ministers of The Church of Nature

TheMinistersProgramBecome an Ordained Minister of The Church of Nature.

Programming starting soon.

This is an intensive program designed to help you do several things:

    • Step into Alignment with your own Spirit
    • Connect more deeply with Nature
    • Become in tuned with Nature
    • Explore and expand your knowledge of Nature
    • Explore and expand different cultures, myths, legends and beliefs around nature
    • Lead Sunday Service
    • Perform Ceremonies such as marriages, funerals, baptisms and coming of age rites.
    • Perform Energy Healing Work on people, animals and the land.

Most of the work in this class is done via tele-conference. We will have some in person opportunities over this intensive 3 year program.

At the heart of this program is opening your ability to see, hear and experience on an energetic level. We begin by opening up your clairvoyance so that you can effectively see energy and information. The more you shift in your conscious, the clearer a conduit of Nature you will become.

If you are interested in becoming an ordained Minister of The Church of Nature, please contact Christine via email to set up an initial phone conversation during which we will explore your desire to join this program.