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Registration now open – Course beings Tuesday, October 27th. Registration Closes Thursday, October 22nd.

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The Living as Spirit Program offers students an opportunity to explore living in alignment with their own higher-self, which creates grace, ease and flow in our lives.

We look to Nature to enhance our own understanding of this powerful process as Nature offers a clear example of living as Spirit.

In this program you will learn a collection of energetic tools that help you be the architect of your own life. Moving from learning and living unconsciously to experiencing the real power in conscious growth.

Students have said this information has given them ‘freedom,’ ‘personal power,’ ‘peace,’and ‘the ability to live a life that resonates with who they really are.’

In away, the results of this program are hard to quantify. In part, because you will get out of it, what you put into it. If you choose to make the tools a daily part of your life, you will eventually move to a place of Living As Spirit.

But Living As Spirit sometimes, most of the times, doesn’t come easily and that’s what this program offers. It is the place where you will, with guidance and support, strip away the ideas and beliefs that keep your mind and your ego and sometimes your emotions, running your life.

If we look to Nature to better understand this consider this: Nature lives as Spirit. It doesn’t have Mind and Ego to drag it off course so it simply is. The Oak tree is the Oak tree and the Elm is the Elm. They don’t compare themselves, they don’t doubt their direction or their purpose. They simply are.

As humans we have great potential BECAUSE of our Mind and Ego and Emotions, however, we have been living in a reality that has placed those aspects of ourselves above our own Spirit and in turn, we have lost our connection to our own Spirits.

Your Spirit holds everything you need. It knows why you are here and what you want to learn. But a larger part of our Spiritual Evolution is wrapped up in the lessons we learn and the way that we learn them.

When we Live As Spirit, we gain an amazing amount of Spiritual power. Spirit can instantaneously manifest, it can transmute time and space, it can self-heal. But we cannot HAVE that power until we can really Live As Spirit and to do that, we need to release what we know and move to something new.

Living As Spirit is a process. For some the progression will be quick and for others it may take some time. It really depends on your own lessons, where you are at when you start the program and what you put into the program.

Only YOU can learn your life lessons, but we can help you better understand them and give you amazingly powerful tools to help you create real change in your life and move toward that beautifully blissful place of Living As Spirit.

We hope that you will join us on this amazing journey.

*Living As Spirit program is required for The Botanical Minister’s Program and The Minister’s Program. If you are planning to enroll in one or both of these programs, please enroll in them, Living As Spirit is bundled into those programs.

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When and Where is Class and How Do I Participate?

Classes are held on-line. To be most comfortable we suggest you get a good noise canceling headset that plugs into your computer ($30-$50 available on and a SKYPE unlimited calling plan for your location. You will be calling into the United States.  Cellphones are often problematic.

There are two classes a week – 

Topic Class and Reading Class – both are essential to this program.

Topic Class is on Tuesdays at 8pm ET and will run any where form an hour to two hours.

There will be seven classes and then a break of 1-2 weeks, another seven classes and a break and so on for a total of 6 sessions.

We start with Topic class for the first seven weeks and then Reading class is added in.

Topic Class – is an experiential class during which you will explore a multitude of energy tools and conscious living topics.

Reading Class begins eight weeks from the start of Topic class. It is on Wednesdays at 8pm and is a weekly class. (Class time and day may change) Reading class is typically 60-90 minutes long.

Reading Class – is an experiential space to open your ability to see clearly and to live as Spirit. Readings allow you to look at the energy of another person, enhance your own ability to live as spirit and gain insight and healing for yourself while sharing insight for the person receiving the reading.

Please email us with any questions.


The cost of this program is $1800.

You may pay in full, or access any of our payment plans at no extra charge. Payment ranges in payment in full to monthly. View options here.

Please remember if you are registering for The Minister’s Program or The Botanical Minister’s Program, you do not need to sign up separately for Living As Spirit.

Course begins:

Tuesday October 27th.  Next round will start in the Spring.

Registration closes Thursday October 22nd.

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Living As Spirit
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Living As Spirit
This year-long course supports you on a journey toward Living As Spirit. When we live as spirit, our lives are in true alignment and things flow with grace and ease.