Grow Wildly, Be Abundantly Green

Grow WildlyGrow Wildly, Be Abundantly Green: Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Written Reflection and Archive

I was walking around our property yesterday and had to acknowledge that we have reached the heart of Summer. The Heart of Summer is that time when everything is so green and lush that growth is wild and abundant.

Everywhere you go on our property you will find flowers in bloom, bushes full with life and their greenness, and berries ripe on their vines. The songs of the birds are loud and playful and butterflies and other pollinators flit by. The night is taken over by croaking frogs and chirping crickets and the silent communication of the fireflies. No matter the time of day or night, life is full and present.

During Summer we can draw encouragement from the constant and sometimes wild growing that is going on around us. Nature never stops growing, and when given the right environment it will grow beyond our wildest imagination. Last year I planted day lilies, white sage and echinacea along the side of our house that gets full direct sun. The plants were relatively small, yet even newly planted they flowered and provided a lovely visual experience. This year the plants have all grown exponentially and the color explosion is amazing. Between the sun and the rain, they are flourishing. We can draw encouragement from that. If we offer ourselves the right environment, we too can grow exponentially and even grow wildly. Summer offers us that reminder.

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Summer is also a time of green, green and more green. The color psychology of green is that of healing, counseling, compassion and nurturing. It is calming, reassuring and relaxing. Energetically it is the color of the heart chakra which when balanced wraps us in Spiritual love and abundance. Green is a secondary color made from optimistic and uplifting Yellow and the calming, communicator Blue, giving it the qualities of both blended together.

Summer is a time of abundance and lushness. Things seem to slow down, the days are longer and oftentimes fuller and there is a sense of expansion and openness. Unconsciously, many of us tap into the rhythm of Summer and enjoy all of this, of course our opportunity is to consciously tap into it and to remember that we can consciously tap into it whether it is actually Summer or not.

When we hit the heart of summer it also brings me a reminder that just around the corner awaits the changing of the seasons with cooler breezes, shorter days and Nature’s inevitable turn to conserve and to reclaim all the energy it shared during Summer’s pinnacle.

The Pendulum is one of the laws of nature, that swing from one extreme to the other. It exists in all aspects of life, from open to closed, from light to dark, from hot to cold, from abundant to sparse, the pendulum exists. Our opportunity is to find balance within the swings and to remember that one of our human gifts is the opportunity to resonate with whatever energy we choose, especially when the pendulum is swinging wildly as it is right now. Whenever one energy exists its counterpart will exist in equal intensity in order to elicit a state of balance and in the presence of both light and dark, we must remain conscious and aware and choose, rather than have it chosen for us, what energy we will embrace. The light – love, hope, grace, gratitude, compassion, joy is there, we need to see it and choose it over the dark.

Before we know it autumn will be here, bringing with it the wonderful harvest of apples and pumpkins and the return of our sweaters. Autumn will come, it always does, as does Winter, Spring and then Summer, once again.

Stay present in the moment, stay connected to the rhythm of nature, embrace and fill in with the energies Summer shares with us and recognize within your own life the cycles and seasons. Allow your life to flow, don’t fear your wild growth or your times of energy conservation; both bear gifts, both have meaning and value.

And remember that the color Green with all its abundant symbolism is most noticeable during the heart of Summer, so by all means spend some time soaking it in, noticing all the many varied shades of green but also remember that Green exists always and when you need to you can wrap yourself in its encouraging vibration, you can use its energetic signature to fuel your own growth.

This is one of the most important gifts of being human, we are Nature and because of our awareness, we can access any aspect of Nature – the energy, its meaning, its gift – whenever we need, however we need without depleting it, without destroying it.

Stay present, stay connected, grow wildly and be abundantly green!

Rev. Christine
on The Energies of Summer – Grow Wildly and Be Abundantly Green!
Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Reflection – July 17, 2016


Grow Wildly, Be Abundantly Green
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Grow Wildly, Be Abundantly Green
Bask in this beautiful reflection of the energy and reminders that that Summer shares with us.
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