Circle of Life Meditation: Aligning with Purpose

Circle of Life Meditation – 11/29/14

This morning’s walk was a Circle of Life Meditation.

I stepped onto the ice crusted snow and stood for a moment waiting to know which way to walk. Counter-clockwise.  ‘Counter-clockwise, really?’ my mind asked. I tried to walk clockwise, but it didn’t feel right. So, Counter-clockwise it was.



The snow crunched below my feet as I walked and created a not-so-perfect circle. Every time I came to this one spot, my heart would leap: wolf, no, a tree stump. Over and over, I saw wolf, not tree stump, as I came past this same spot. I took two photos, and even in these, I see wolf, not tree stump.



After maybe 10 passes around the circle, I got dizzy and off balance. I stopped for a moment to let myself calibrate and then continued.

I noticed that the crunching under my feet had stopped and instead there was a softness now as I walked.

My mind was busy for a bit. Was I turning back time? What was the purpose of walking counter-clockwise? How many passes should I do? That’s a question I find myself asking often, ‘how many passes?’  The answer is always the same, ‘you’ll know, when you know.’

Finally after 40 and 1/2 passes I came to a stop. I stood for a few minutes, feeling the energy in my body and then noticed that I was facing East.


The direction East has different but similar meanings in different cultures. One of my favorite sites for explanations on ‘the meaning of things’ comes from Avia and her aptly named Symbolic Meaning blog. Here are a few insights into the direction of East. From the Native Americans: Salavation/Spirit; in Celtic Symbolism: new growth, new beginnings; and in some divinatory practices: the future.

I let this awareness set in and then reflected more on my counter-clockwise walk.

I had not been turning back time but rather aligning time. Setting things ‘right’ in order to move forward, in order to experience new growth. That moment when I stopped to calibrate was the point at which I was letting go of what was not in alignment with my new path.

The wolf for me is a messenger of freedom and power and symbolizes teaching and guidance. Wolves appear for me, literally or in visions or apparitions, when I am beginning a new journey or talking steps on a path that is in resonance with my Divine purpose. As I walked this counter-clockwise meditation and the wolf continually appeared, I was startled each time I saw it.  It was a message to let go of fear, to let go of uncertainty and to know that there is a powerful force watching me and guiding me as I walk. With each path the startling became less and less until it disappeared altogether (release) and the wolf became simply a watcher.

With these walking meditations, the affect of the walk is long lasting and my physical body will continue to realign with the calibration, long after the walk is complete. I notice that if I try to go against the new flow of energy, I get dizzy and nauseous. It is a physical manifestation enabling me to see what we unconsciously do so often – push against the flow, push against the direction we are meant to go.

As Nature shows us, going with the flow is always easier and far more productive than trying to go against it.



Circle of Life Meditation: Aligning with Purpose
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Circle of Life Meditation: Aligning with Purpose
Christine Agro shares her Circle of Life Meditation from November 29, 2014. What is the meaning of her counter-clockwise walk and the appearance of a wolf vision?
Christine Agro
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