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Baptism at The Church of Nature offers a way for followers to deepen their practice and deepen their connection to Nature and their own innate source of life and alignment. To be baptized by The Church of Nature, you must acknowledge and embrace our doctrine and creed.

22054977_mFor Newborns
Baptisms provide us a way to welcome new beings into the world and ground them in a loving and supportive community.

The Baptism is a celebration of a new journey and helps to ground and root their first steps in life in a spiritual practice that is deeply connected to Nature.

The conscious presence of Spiritual belonging, or being connected to something larger, oftentimes gives children a sense of safety and certainty in their lives. It offers a place of boundary in a world that can seem endless.

At The Church of Nature, we see infant baptism as a beautiful gift that welcomes little ones to this journey, that celebrates their choice to be here and that honors the family they have chosen. Our baptism ceremony is a joyous occasion that places at the root of a child’s growth, the reminder that before anything, we are all Nature.



For Everyone Else

Baptism into The Church of Nature is a way to affirm your belief in our doctrine and creed. When we take the step to be baptized, we are saying ‘Yes, this is what I believe.’ We are saying ‘Yes, this is where I belong.’ We are saying, ‘Yes, this is my tribe.’

Much like marriage strengthens our Spiritual Contract with the one we love, Baptism strengthens our Spiritual beliefs and Spiritual commitment to that which we are baptized into.


The Ceremony

Every baptism is unique and is arranged with either the parents or the individual being baptized.

Our ceremony includes the primary elements of Nature – earth, water, fire and air; as well as the five key energies of Nature as described by Christine Agro, our High Priestess. Those being Ground, Align, Flow, Open and Spiral.

The ceremony is meant to connect the initiate to the primary elements and to inspire a life-long connection and reminder to the natural flow of life.

If you are interested in exploring Baptism through The Church of Nature, please contact us.

There is no set fee, but we do ask that you make a donation that is considered generous for your own personal circumstances.

Please don’t let distance stop you from inquiring. If you can afford for us to come to you, we will; we can also use beautiful technology to connect us.