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Be The SeedBe The Seed

The other day I was thinking about the words often attributed to Gandhi, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world,’ and I got thinking about how change manifests. I found myself linking change and growth to seeds.

Everything that we do, everything that we believe, everything we are and everything that we grow into starts with the seeds we plant. But most of the time, we are unconscious as to what we are planting.

Think about it. If you want to grow a beautiful flower garden but you blindly grab a handful of seeds from an unmarked bag, you might just as easily end up with a garden full of weeds as a garden full of flowers.

The seeds we plant become our world, individually and collectively.

If we plant seeds of fear, anger, hatred and distrust; we create a world that has grown out of those energies. If we plant seeds of love, peace, hope, joy, abundance and possibility that is what we create.

I think instead of ‘be the change’ we should strive to ‘be the seed.’

What does that mean? It means to be conscious of the seeds we are sowing. Our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams, our beliefs; what are we planting. What seeds do we give to our children in supporting their growth? How do we speak to them, encourage them, empower them and gift them with seeds that will grow into beautiful flower gardens?

It turns out Gandhi never said the succinct statement ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ He said something much richer that underscored his belief that change is manifested by both personal and social transformation; that both are necessary and that the individual sparks change but can’t really change the world on their own; it takes a collective.

I believe that change occurs when we are conscious, so it does begin with the individual. When we wake-up and see that our own lives are not in alignment, are not working in harmony; we seek to create change. As we bring our own lives into balance, we see the imbalance around us and set out to bring that into alignment as well. A collective of individuals who understand harmony and balance, seek to find the same harmony and balance in the world in which they live and in turn seek to create universal change.

That individual process begins with an awareness of the seeds we plant. Every thought, every word and every action is a seed that we plant. A seed that will become something. The question is what will it become?

Take up the challenge to ‘Be The Seed.’ Through your words, thoughts and actions plant conscious seeds that will blossom in to all things beautiful, from your life to your relationships to the work that you do. Then surround yourself with positive and empowering energies that will help you nourish your seeds into new beautiful growth.

Expand the idea into giving positive seeds to others, again through your words, your actions and your thoughts.

Feed your seeds with hope and love and light and wonder and joy. Feed your seeds with good food and fresh air and sunlight.

Be The Seed

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Be The Seed
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Be The Seed
Christine Agro encourages a conscious awareness to the 'seeds' we plant through our thoughts, our words and our actions and challenges readers to 'Be The Seed.'
Christine Agro
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