You Can Be Fear, or You Can Be Light, The Choice is Yours. Reflection for July 17, 2016

Light of Being Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service for July 17, 2016

A few weeks ago I took a look at what was going on energetically with humanity and the primary thing that I saw was a bottleneck of people trying to push through a hole to move from darkness into light. That darkness is made up of fear.

I was guided to speak about the hermetic principle of Mentalism today – the notion that what we think is what we create.

I once heard a scientist complain about ‘new age’ people talking about ‘different realities’ because he insisted that there is only one reality. It was a funny tirade in-and-of itself because his perception was indeed his own reality, one in which the composition of the world resulted in a definitive structure unquestionable by anyone.   Through our minds we conjure up what the world looks like and ultimately is. How I see a tree, is different from how you see a tree. The color red is my mind’s understanding of the color red. Each of our worlds is created by our own minds; what we see, how we see it, how we interpret it, that all becomes the essence of our individual worlds or realities.

If your world is open and expansive, you experience life in that way. If your world is closed and constricted, you experience life in that way.

You may be thinking, ok, if I just close my eyes and I wish for peace, how come it doesn’t happen? How come the world is still such a mess? It’s a mess because billions of others are still living in a world that has been created for them and that world is full of fear. Before you start to shake your fists and look for the ‘one’ responsible for all of this, we have to turn the finger on ourselves. Our journey is to grow in consciousness. With each lifetime we learn how to manage physical form. The end goal is of one day living fully as Spirit with a body. That step comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility because when we live as Spirit with a body, we will have the power to instantaneously manifest; whatever we think we will create. If we are still being ruled by our minds , or our egos or our emotions, having that ability would destroy us immediately. Our one goal has been to evolve the human-self to a state of consciousness or enlightenment so that we could have the experience of a body joined with the pure power of our individual Spirits.

Stepping into consciousness is a choice, it must be a choice because of the power we are working toward. The darkness is there as a means to try and remind you of the light. The only problem is, we are not remembering.

Right now, a large portion of humanity is resonating with fear. That fear may be translating into anger, control, judgement and lack; but at the root of it all is fear. We live in fear when we forget that we are Spirit, when our minds or our egos or our emotions take over and run our lives. When I look at what is going on in the world, people are being manipulated by those who want to be in control. They do not want to lose what they perceive to be their power and the way they maintain their perceived power is to disconnect people from their own Spirit and fill them with fear.

We have a choice, every day, every moment within that day, to decide if we will match that fear and the darkness that comes with it, or if we will hold strong to the light that is within us. To choose if we will life as Spirit or if we will hand over our power to continue feeding those who believe power is all they have.

Mentalism is the hermetic principle that states our thoughts create our reality.  We are powerful, but so many of us are unconscious to that power and in that unconsciousness, we blindly absorb what is being thrown at us and our minds churn out more of it.

If you are here and you are reading this, you have consciousness, you are aware and you can control your own vibration. You are capable of being the light within the darkness, but you have to choose to be that light.

So that is what we are going to do today. We are going to spend a few minutes in our meditation space and emit our inner light. We are not working to change anyone or anything thing, we are not pushing or insisting that our light is the right way, we are going to simply be and let our inner light shine.

Darkness cannot live in the light. If each of us allows our light to shine from within, every day, every moment of every day; we will be helping to combat that fear that we are all being fed.  And in your day-to-day efforts to create change, remember this because if you try to fight fire with fire, if you match the fear, the anger, the hatred; or if you fight against it trying to get people to see, to wake up; you are still fueling the darkness.If you are emotionally and energetically engaged, you are fueling the darkness.

When you see something that raises your ire, before you react or respond, tap into your own light and let it shine, listen to the guidance you receive and then act and respond accordingly.

Rev. Christine
on Light of Being
Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Reflection – July 17, 2016

You Can Be Fear, or You Can Be Light, The Choice is Yours.
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You Can Be Fear, or You Can Be Light, The Choice is Yours.
Light of Being, the reflection from July 17, 2016 Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service
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