Animals Know

Animals Know – Monthly Animal Blessings Service

Animals Know

Today is our Monthly Animal Blessings Service and our focus is on the animals in our lives.

As the weather starts to change I’m noticing a change in the animals that we share our land with. They seem to be a little more preoccupied, a little busier.

Yesterday, I had the windows open for the first time since early June. There was a lovely gentle breeze, and it had a slight coolness to it. I was walking around the property and I notice a cluster of red leaves way up in a tall maple tree. I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t been looking for it.

I was wondering how do animals know. They know when the seasons are changing, they know when the weather is changing, they know when they are safe and when they are not. So how do they know?

We have technology and systems to help us understand most things; calendars, barometers, radar. But what about when we didn’t have those. Was there ever a time that our senses were so finely attuned? I think so. I think that like our animal friends, we were not only attuned to the changes in the seasons and the weather but also to each other.

I have a theory and if I were a scientist I would create a study to see if it had any merit, but I believe yawning and hungry stomach grumbles were forms of communication, that’s why both are contagious. I yawn, you yawn. We both know it’s time to stop and rest. My stomach grumbles,  your grumbles. We both know it’s time to stop and eat.

So what does this mean for us today? Those finely attuned senses are dulled if not blotted out by electronics, by alarm clocks that augment our natural patterns, by foods, alcohol, and drugs – legal or otherwise. We are saturated and immersed in things that disconnect us. Why do you think that is? Why do we choose to disconnect ourselves?

I enjoy watching the animals prepare for the changes in the season. Late Winter, they start building nests, staking out territory and getting ready to bring new life into the world. Late Summer, they start looking for safe places to winter-over and storing food.  But it isn’t just what they are doing, it’s that they are actually doing it.

They remind me how connected they are to the flow and rhythm of the world. They don’t need calendars or watches, they just know.

I think we still have that, but we need to reconnect. We need to still ourselves and listen. We need to tap into the natural rhythm of our own body and the world around us and connect with the flow. It is there, we are still here, it’s all just buried under the sea of distraction and disconnecting actions and energies.

We are still here, we just need to find ourselves.

Ripple Opportunity For The Week:

Take some time to still yourself and connect with your own inner rhythm, then take it a step deeper and connect with the rhythm of the land. Stand barefoot, or place your hands on and reconnect. Connect with the animals, with the rhythm of day and night.

Rev. Christine Agro, Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Reflection



Animals Know
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Animals Know
Animals have retained their connection to their inner rhythm and flow and because of that, they know. What can we learn from our animal friend as we celebrate this month's Animal Blessings service?
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