Animal Blessings

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On the first Sunday of every month, Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service will focus on an animal reflection. All Sunday Services are held at 9AM ET live on  (please watch for announcements as we will be moving to www.NaturesChannel.FM in the near future.)

Our Circle of Life Celebration will be dedicated to the animals in our lives and those on the plant and our post-service Energy Healing and Attunement work will also focus on the animals in your life.

What is the Circle of Life Celebration?

During each Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service we are given time and space to celebrate, honor and remember those people, those animals, those experiences, those moments in time that are important to us.

In life we are taught that only ‘good’ things should be celebrated, but we believe that everything has a beginning, middle and end and all along the path we are learning and growing.

So whether it is the start of a life, a moment within a life or the end of a life; the beginning of a relationship or a special moment within it or the end of it; the beginning of a project, the evolution of it or the ending of it; all of these moments and experiences are important parts of our lives and of our growth.

During our Animal Blessings Service it is an opportunity to Celebrate, Honor and Remember the animals in our lives and those on the planet.

Our Circle of Life Celebration provides that space.

There are two ways that you can participate:

  • You can use this time and space to focus your own intentions
  • You can make a donation (any size – it is the exchange of energy that is important) submit your request to us through the donation comment box (or just email it to us after you’d made your donation) and we will call your intentions into this space during the Circle of Life Celebration. The officiant for the upcoming service will read the name or experience or creation that you would like celebrated, honored or remembered (or maybe it’s all three,) you just let us know

Energy Healing and Nature Attunement

At the end of each Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service we will now be doing remote energy healings and Nature attunements. On the first Sunday of the month we will focus this work on animals specifically. We believe that all dis-ease, dis-comfort and dis-satisfaction begins at an energetic level and moves its way into our physical body to cause the symptoms we experience. Oftentimes the energy is moveable. This won’t necessarily create healing physically, although it might, but your physical healing always needs to be something that you do for yourself. Helping to clear or re-attune energy can be a part of that process.

You may make a donation in any amount, but not more than $25 and let us know in the notes section of your donation what or where you would like energy healing and Nature attunement focused on (or you can email us too at You may focus on something physical or something emotional, mental or even Spiritual. This will be a group process – with all requests receiving remote energy healing and Nature Attunement simultaneously. We will sit for 20 minutes clearing energy and conclude by re-attuning the group’s space to a positive energy held in Nature. If you want to make a donation of more than $25, please make your donation of no more than $25 for the energy healing and attunement and then make an additional donation off the home page directly to The Church of Nature. Any donation greater than $25 for this opportunity will be refunded.

If you would like individual attention, you would need to schedule a reading with Christine.