Active Living – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Reflection

Active Living – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service

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Active Living

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We look to Nature to help us better understand the ways in which we can live as Spirit. Nature offers us a look at pure Spirit, no ego, no rule of the mind, just pure existence whether a tree or a bird, they simply are and live purely.

Today I thought we would reflect on the notion of Active Lively as it shows up in Nature.

Do you know that expression, Nature abhors a vacuum? It means if there is an empty space in Nature, Nature will absorb it.

Have you ever seen those photos of old abandoned towns and buildings that Nature reabsorbs with plants and trees? It’s really quite amazing and powerful when you think about.

That’s why the way many people garden is a challenge. Gardeners create manicured garden plots with bare soil. You know what Nature does with anything ‘bare?’ It fills it. It fills it with a plant, or a weed in the eyes of the gardener, but Nature is just doing what it does. Taking advantage of a bare space to continue to grow.

So I want you to think about that for a minute – Nature looks for the opportunities to keep itself growing and producing. Any bare spot it finds, it will grab and start growing there.

So what do we do? Do we look for every opportunity and then take it or do we wait for things to show up, things to come to us, things to find us? Nature doesn’t wait, it’s always looking for even the smallest place to begin growing. My favorite is the plant that grows in the crack in a sidewalk.

We can’t stop Nature from growing, no matter how much we try, it grows and grows and grows. It grows with wild abandon.

I love that expression – wild abandon. Throwing caution to the wind, not caring or thinking about the consequences. Nature simply finds and takes every opportunity it can to grow.

If we stop and look at our own lives the question to ask ourselves is do we wait for growth or do we seek it out? Do we wait for something to show up, to lead us to our next step or do we actively search and explore, peeking, poking and prodding looking for that bare spot to plant and grow our own growth?

I suppose what we are talking about is the difference between passive and active living.

Nature gives us a beautiful example of active living.

We’re going to take a few moments here to reflect on our own lives and clear the energies of passive living and invite in the experience of active living.

And we have to remember that we ARE SPIRIT and to have a new experience, to grow, to find our next steps, sometimes the action is to simply invite the next step, invite the new experience. Many of us are at that stage in our spiritual evolution, no longer are our next steps handed to us, rather we must ask for them. We must state that we are ready for our next active moment. The closer we get to living as Spirit, the more deeply we are required by our own Spirit to ask for our steps, to assert that we are ready.

So if you feel you are reading for that next step, for the next active moment, for your next opportunity to grow, send out the invitation now.

Weekly Ripple Opportunity

As we move through the week remember to look for your opportunities to actively live. Keep your eyes, ears, mind, heart and ego open to whatever may come your way.


Rev. Christine Agro
Active Living
Reflection for August 20, 2016
Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service

Active Living - Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service
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Active Living - Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service
During today's Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service we look to Nature to reflect on the way in which we live, actively or passively? Which do you do? Are you always open and in search of growth or do you wait for it to come to you?
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Rev. Christine Agro is the founder and High Priestess of The Church of Nature. She is passionate about helping people connect with their own source of Self through the beautiful, loving and powerful reflection of Nature. Christine leads Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service every Sunday. You can join the Service at She also hosts Nature Speaks and The Songs of Plants and Trees at Nature's Channel as well.