Planting a Church

handsindirtPlanting a Church

Did you know that when one starts a church it’s referred to as planting or seeding a church?

How appropriate as we move forward in making The Church of Nature a recognized church.

As I talk to people about creating The Church of Nature, many have that cringing, shrink back reaction.

‘Church’ for many triggers negative memories; either from this life, or from past life persecution.

I get that. ‘The Church’ has been a powerful arm that has done much to limit our divine connection to Spirit in the name of religious belief. Religious organizations of many backgrounds and faiths have twisted meaning and intention and have divided countries and peoples in the name of dogma.

One day I was sitting at my computer, doing some work, and much like I heard my unborn son’s name whispered to me in 2003, on this day I heard ‘The Church of Nature.’

I got butterflies in my stomach, which is always a positive sign for me of being in alignment with my own Spirit.

I did the first thing I do when I have an idea; I checked to see if the domain was available. I went to my hosting provider and searched for ‘The Church of’ It was not available. Usually I stop there.

But on this day, again I heard a whisper and it said ‘check GoDaddy.’  So I popped over to their site, typed in ‘The Church of Nature’ and there it was, available in an auction. The auction, interestingly had seven days remaining and no one had bid on the domain. The opening bid was $12. As I went to make a bid, I drew my hand back and was guided to wait. I put a reminder in my calendar to check again on the last day of the auction and then I put it out of my mind. When the calendar reminder popped-up, I went to GoDaddy’s auction site and there it was, still waiting. No one had bid on it. Fifteen minutes before the auction closed I entered my bid of $12 and then, I not so patiently refreshed every few minutes, watching the time tick down. The auction closed and the domain was divinely mine!

As I moved forward in this process of founding The Church of Nature, I’ve thought about so many things and about what this means for me. Ultimately I have come to realize how THIS, being the steward of The Church of Nature, makes sense.

For my first marriage, we wanted to get married outside, in my parent’s backyard. I was raised Roman Catholic, but by this point in my life, I had long since moved away from ‘The Church.’ My Mom wanted us to get married by a priest, so I said, ‘sure, if he’ll do the service outside.’  The reply from the priest was ‘that is not the house of God.’ I couldn’t understand, nor did I agree, with the belief that Nature as a whole could not be a house of God.

Later in my life as I developed a strong Spiritual understanding of both life and the world and my metaphysic insight increased, I released the learned information of religion and God.  My second husband, who has his own connection to his higher senses would often say to me ‘Nature is your Church,’ and I would laugh.

So on that day, when I heard ‘The Church of Nature’ whispered to me, there was something so clear and certain, so divinely called in me to do THIS, to create, The Church of Nature.

I’ve learned that starting a Church is often referred to as ‘planting a church’ or ‘seeding a church.’  What a lovely concept that is, to plant or seed a Church.

When I am out taking photographs for the Nature Mandalas; which is where ‘Messages From Nature’  come from; time and time again I connect with aspects of Nature that speak of Nature being a Cathedral. A Cathedral in Christian terms is the principle Church of a diocese.  That would make Nature the principle Church of The Church of Nature.  Are you seeing where I’m going with this?

What are the parameters of this particular Cathedral, of the Nature Cathedral? There are none, the boundaries of Nature as a Cathedral are none. Nature is, well, Nature.

To give you a better idea, here are a few Nature Mandalas and the messages Nature has shared with me around this idea of ‘Nature as a Cathedral’.

Spring Magnolia Bud 15, (C) 2013 Christine Agro

Spring Magnolia Bud 15, (C) 2013 Christine Agro




The Spring Magnolia Bud Mandala shared this message:

There is a divine flow to all of life. Nature is a cathedral and the answers you seek are here.’ 







 Chokeberry Leaves Mandala 5

In the Fall of 2013 , we were offered a rich messages of respect and awe.

This beautiful Chokeberry Leaf Mandala asked us to take a breath and reflect on our abundance and ‘harvest.’

Chokeberry then shared this message: ‘Nature is a cathedral and her leaves are portals to the deeper meaning of life and living.’






Fall Rose of Sharon Leaf Mandala 7, (c) 2013 Christine Agro

Fall Rose of Sharon Leaf Mandala 7, (c) 2013 Christine Agro



As well, the Rose of Sharon Leaf is always creating Mandalas that reflect on Nature as a Cathedral, speaking of learning to see Nature as a source of the Divine as well as a reflection for living in alignment with our own Spirit.

In 2013 this is the message from this Mandala: Look through me and into the wonder of creation.  

This Mandala has since become the symbol for our Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Services.



As I continue with the process of making The Church of Nature an officially recognized Church; I see great things that planting this Church can do and offer.

As we say in Sunday Service, ‘this is a place to focus our intention, but not where our intention ends.’  The Church of Nature is honoring Nature as a Cathedral – as a source of power, insight, and guidance and as a connection to our own source of Self.

Although we stem from the same source of life, humanity has taken a divergent path from Nature.  In our need to claim, conquer and control, we have lost ourselves. Nature, on the other hand, has not.

So it is time for us to return to nature. It is in Nature’s Cathedral that we will find the what, the why and the how, in the way that makes sense for each of us individually. It is where we will find our answers. It is where we will find ourselves. It is where we will become whole and return to living as Spirit, just as Nature does.

Thus we plant The Church of Nature.




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Planting a Church
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Planting a Church
Christine Agro shares what's behind the creation of The Church of Nature.
Christine Agro
Founder of The Church of Nature and High PriestessThe Church of Nature
Rev. Christine Agro is the founder and High Priestess of The Church of Nature. She is passionate about helping people connect with their own source of Self through the beautiful, loving and powerful reflection of Nature. Christine leads Nature's Sanctuary Sunday Service every Sunday. You can join the Service at She also hosts Nature Speaks and The Songs of Plants and Trees at Nature's Channel as well.