Grow Wildly, Be Abundantly Green

Grow WildlyGrow Wildly, Be Abundantly Green: Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Written Reflection and Archive

I was walking around our property yesterday and had to acknowledge that we have reached the heart of Summer. The Heart of Summer is that time when everything is so green and lush that growth is wild and abundant.

Everywhere you go on our property you will find flowers in bloom, bushes full with life and their greenness, and berries ripe on their vines. The songs of the birds are loud and playful and butterflies and other pollinators flit by. The night is taken over by croaking frogs and chirping crickets and the silent communication of the fireflies. No matter the time of day or night, life is full and present.

During Summer we can draw encouragement from the constant and sometimes wild growing that is going on around us. Nature never stops growing, and when given the right environment it will grow beyond our wildest imagination. Last year I planted day lilies, white sage and echinacea along the side of our house that gets full direct sun. The plants were relatively small, yet even newly planted they flowered and provided a lovely visual experience. This year the plants have all grown exponentially and the color explosion is amazing. Between the sun and the rain, they are flourishing. We can draw encouragement from that. If we offer ourselves the right environment, we too can grow exponentially and even grow wildly. Summer offers us that reminder.

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You Can Be Fear, or You Can Be Light, The Choice is Yours. Reflection for July 17, 2016

You Can Be Fear, or You Can Be Light, The Choice is Yours. Reflection for July 17, 2016

Light of Being Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service for July 17, 2016

A few weeks ago I took a look at what was going on energetically with humanity and the primary thing that I saw was a bottleneck of people trying to push through a hole to move from darkness into light. That darkness is made up of fear.

I was guided to speak about the hermetic principle of Mentalism today – the notion that what we think is what we create.

I once heard a scientist complain about ‘new age’ people talking about ‘different realities’ because he insisted that there is only one reality. It was a funny tirade in-and-of itself because his perception was indeed his own reality, one in which the composition of the world resulted in a definitive structure unquestionable by anyone.   Through our minds we conjure up what the world looks like and ultimately is. How I see a tree, is different from how you see a tree. The color red is my mind’s understanding of the color red. Each of our worlds is created by our own minds; what we see, how we see it, how we interpret it, that all becomes the essence of our individual worlds or realities.

If your world is open and expansive, you experience life in that way. If your world is closed and constricted, you experience life in that way. Read more

Expansion – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service July 10, 2016

Expansion – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service July 10, 2016

Expansion – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Jul 10, 2016

Expansion – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Reflection for July 10, 2016

Summer is a great time to explore and reflect on expansion in Nature and given the political and social environments pretty much around the world, an exploration and reflection on expansion is essential.

As we are witness to the ever present atrocities occurring in our homelands and abroad; fear, sadness and powerlessness make us contract.

Although it is human nature to contract in the face of terror and hatred and confusion; contracting doesn’t serve us. It makes us smaller, it dims our light, it lets more and more dark prevail.

In the face of terror and hatred and confusion it is now more than ever that we need to expand our energy, we need to shine as brightly as we can, we need to hold and mark the space of compassion, connection, collaboration and love.

So today we are reflecting on expansion in Nature. There are so many amazing, powerful and beautiful examples of expansion in Nature through which we can attune our own energy and raise our vibrations. Read more

Soaring – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service – July 3, 2016

Soaring – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service – July 3, 2016

Soaring: Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service July 3 2016


Soaring – today’s reflection from Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service.

This past week we had some intense weather which included high winds, heavy thunderstorms and tornado watches.

As the weather cleared, the winds remained a bit stronger than usual.

I happened to catch two pigeons flying and was amazed at their ability to utilize the wind to soar with little effort. I know it isn’t always like that for our feathered friends. Sometimes I seem them flying head long into strong winds and battling the forces of nature. But at this moment, it was pure beauty to see these two pigeons using the wind to soar.

I found myself thinking about birds and their ability to fly. These two were so at ease, slightly shifting their wings to lift and glide and eventually gently land at their chosen destination, but my thoughts turned to ‘did they learn this? Or is it instinctual?’ I have seen baby birds learning to fly, so I think that it isn’t something they just ‘know,’ but it does seem to be something they quickly get the hang of. Read more

The Healing Power of Nature – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service 6/26/2016

The Healing Power of Nature – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service 6/26/2016

Participate in today’s Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service – There’s something truly special about being a part of a weekly ritual. The Healing Power of Nature.

The Power of Nature to Heal

Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service for June 26, 2016: The Healing Power of Nature

The Healing Power of Nature (listen to the full Sunday Service below)

You may have heard about Nature’s ability to renew, rejuvenate and revitalize us. It’s the latest ‘fad’ to hear of doctors ‘prescribing’ nature as a cure for stress and anxiety.

You may have also heard of, or more likely seen on Facebook the Japanese term Shinrin-yoku. It means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” It became popular in Japan during the 1980s and is consider in Japanese medicine an essential part of not only healing, but staying healthy.

These are some of the benefits of Shinrin-yoku and you may recognize them Read more

Celebrating The Summer Solstice

Celebrating The Summer Solstice

Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Reflection 6/19/2016 (Listen to the full Sunday Service below)

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year and many will be celebrating the Summer Solstice.

At The Church of Nature, our focus is always on further evolving our own spirituality and our own conscious awareness. We see Nature as a pure example of life lived as Spirit, life lived in alignment and we look to moments in Nature to deepen our understanding of who we are.

Over the ages, many have worshiped the Sun. Its movement through the sky sparked the creation of many stories and myths about why and to where it traveled each day and questioned whether it would return. When it did, it was cause for celebration.

There were those who also feared and revered the Sun, seeing it as both the giver (through plant growth) and taker (through periods of drought and intense heat) of life.

Today we understand that the Sun is a bright star that provides us with a source of light and warmth. Its presence enables our planet to exist as it does. The mystery of who or what the Sun is no longer haunts or taunts us.

In this light, how do we or should we celebrate the Solstice?  Read more

Thinning of the Veil: When Grandmothers Come

Thinning of the Veil: When Grandmothers Come

horse-623536_640This is the time of year that the veil between our world and the spirit world thins.

I hear the toilet seat go up and down on its own, smell cigarette smoke in the house though no one here smokes, and hear footsteps on the stairs.

The thinning is why we have ghosts story about this time of the year. The veil thins and this world and that, collide.

I’ve looked at ‘ghosts’ many times and what I see is interesting. In most cases it is as though they are going about their lives in another time and place parallel to our own lives. I believe that they are living in their world as they knew it. Walking the halls, cooking in the kitchen, using the bathroom.  They are not here to scare us, they are simply going about their days parallel to us and because the veil is thin we pick up on parts of it as I’m sure they pick up on parts of our day-to-day goings on through a smell, a sound, a glimmer.

During this thinning though it is also when loved ones who have passed stop by to check in.  This year not only has my father been visiting but so have both my maternal and paternal grandmothers. Read more

This Itty-Bitty Moth with a Beautiful Reminder

This Itty-Bitty Moth with a Beautiful Reminder

Moth-Leaf             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This tiny moth was on our porch the other day. Its wingspan is about the diameter of a quarter, just to give you an idea of its size. It looked so much like a leaf that I almost stepped on.

What an amazing being this is, camouflaged to look like a Fall leaf. At first I thought, you’re too early, you’ll be the only ‘fall leaf’ out there and then I realized that all around me were yellow leaves floating to the ground. This moth must time its metamorphoses with the changing of the seasons.

In a desire to not have it get trampled, by dogs and boys and heavy feet, I gently put my pinkey under it’s body and gave it a little nudge. It sat on my finger for a minute before it took off and as it did it was spectacular – not only did it look like a leaf, it flew like a leaf. It floated and drifted, lifted with the updraft and then floated down, twirling and spiraling, then lifted up again. Read more