Thinning of the Veil: When Grandmothers Come

Thinning of the Veil: When Grandmothers Come

horse-623536_640This is the time of year that the veil between our world and the spirit world thins.

I hear the toilet seat go up and down on its own, smell cigarette smoke in the house though no one here smokes, and hear footsteps on the stairs.

The thinning is why we have ghosts story about this time of the year. The veil thins and this world and that, collide.

I’ve looked at ‘ghosts’ many times and what I see is interesting. In most cases it is as though they are going about their lives in another time and place parallel to our own lives. I believe that they are living in their world as they knew it. Walking the halls, cooking in the kitchen, using the bathroom.  They are not here to scare us, they are simply going about their days parallel to us and because the veil is thin we pick up on parts of it as I’m sure they pick up on parts of our day-to-day goings on through a smell, a sound, a glimmer.

During this thinning though it is also when loved ones who have passed stop by to check in.  This year not only has my father been visiting but so have both my maternal and paternal grandmothers. Read more

This Itty-Bitty Moth with a Beautiful Reminder

This Itty-Bitty Moth with a Beautiful Reminder

Moth-Leaf             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This tiny moth was on our porch the other day. Its wingspan is about the diameter of a quarter, just to give you an idea of its size. It looked so much like a leaf that I almost stepped on.

What an amazing being this is, camouflaged to look like a Fall leaf. At first I thought, you’re too early, you’ll be the only ‘fall leaf’ out there and then I realized that all around me were yellow leaves floating to the ground. This moth must time its metamorphoses with the changing of the seasons.

In a desire to not have it get trampled, by dogs and boys and heavy feet, I gently put my pinkey under it’s body and gave it a little nudge. It sat on my finger for a minute before it took off and as it did it was spectacular – not only did it look like a leaf, it flew like a leaf. It floated and drifted, lifted with the updraft and then floated down, twirling and spiraling, then lifted up again. Read more

The Nature of Being: The Mountain and The Sky

The Nature of Being: The Mountain and The Sky



Is that the Mountain
playing at being the sky?
One fears not the other.

It is always so amazing to look out  in the distance and see the Mountain and the Sky playing with each other. Sometimes the Sky plays at being the Mountain and sometimes the Mountain plays at being the Sky. Have you ever seen it?

The ease with which they move from perception of solid to ethereal and back offers us a beautiful reflection on the nature of being.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do a reading for clients whose dog recently passed. I’ve been communicating with their dog for over 10 years, almost her entire life. The first time I worked with her it was to explain the nature of air travel, as she was whining and crying when she flew with her people. After explaining the noise, and the vibration and the entire experience, she relaxed.  Read more

The Sun Touches The Tree

The Tree stands so tall.
Sunlight wakes it from slumber.
The Tree waves its thanks

20150802_065750_resized (1)I got up this morning around 5AM. It was still dark out, but predawn was in the air. The birds were chirping and the sky had that ‘just about to be light’ look to it.

I was sitting at the table preparing for Sunday Service, looking out the window from time to time.

Out in the distance stands a tree, at least 100 Feet tall. It is so tall that it is the first to catch the Sun as it rises. I watched as the far right tip of the tree’s leaves turned light with the Sun’s glow.

Little by little the tree shifted in color from a dark green to a yellow-green. The Sun, transforming the tree, right in front of my eyes. Read more

Our Place in This World – Thoughts On Our Reaction To The Death of Cecil The Lion

Our Place in This World – Thoughts On Our Reaction To The Death of Cecil The Lion

A Global appall has arisen over the illegal killing of Cecil the Lion. People are outraged that Walter J. Palmer took this lion’s life and indeed, we all should be.

But Cecil’s killing raises a bigger question that I hope we can begin to acknowledge and in turn make changes in our own lives. We are outraged over the poaching of a lion who was protector to six cubs, but we do not think twice about taking a calf from its mother so that we can have milk – to drink, for butter, for ice cream.   Read more

Rays of Love Igniting Change

Rays of Love Igniting Change

737849_mThe past few months have been amazing in terms of shifts in our awareness, and in our unconscious or maybe silent acceptance of ‘wrong behavior.’

Have you noticed it? It’s happening ‘out there’ and it’s happening in our own lives. It’s like the blinders and the muzzles have been removed and ignorance, intolerance, judgment, guilting and shaming are on the run.

I was commenting to a friend the other day how amazing the energetic shifts have been. Just a few months ago I found myself wondering how the collective ‘we’ were ever going to find our way out of the hate that seemed to be prevailing. But that old saying, with it’s ever true truth has won out again: ‘it is always darkest before the dawn.’ Read more

Wishing For Spring

Wishing For Spring

10922322_10205274753562234_5553530783190490905_oIt was -11 degrees this morning and that was without the wind chill. When I walked outside and took a breath through my nose it stuck together.

This has been a particularly cold and snowy winter for many. I am grateful we have heat and a roof over our heads and that we can support the animals that show up on our doorstep looking for the same.

All that snow has left mounds of snow that in many areas top 8 and 9 feet. Driving is especially fun as I find myself inching forward at cross roads in an effort to see if there is on-coming traffic.

I hear so many people complaining about the Winter, and wishing for warmer weather. But I know, as soon as the weather changes the same people will be complaining about the rain that Spring brings or the unbearable heat that comes with Summer.

Lao Tsu said, ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’

When we are not happy with where we are, when we try to rush the next step, it creates all sorts of friction in our day-to-day experience and stops the flow of our own lives. Read more

Poet’s Walk – Hudson Valley

Poet’s Walk – Hudson Valley

This was a gorgeous walk. Poet’s Walk Park is a scenic Hudson river landscape that originally inspired 19th-century writers. This walk takes you from the quiet solitude of the forest to great open vistas and rolling hills. I got there early afternoon and the sun was beginning to set as I wrapped up my walk.

I thought I would take you along with me. Read more